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Improved rail service proposes direct trains to London Waterloo

FROME could have four trains a day leaving direct for London Waterloo as early as December. 

As part of a major shake-up of the South West Trains service it has been proposed by the train operater to include four trains a day between Frome and London Waterloo.

It will be the first time that the two stations have been connected and the proposed route would see trains also stopping at Basingstoke, Woking and Clapham Junction.

Consultation is currently taking place between South West Trains and  local authorities and rail user groups in the region about the proposals.

If approved, the new service could be in operation as early as December this year. Consultation is taking place until 2nd April with stakeholders across the South West Trains’ network.

It is not yet known what times the trains would run but it is expected to provide a boost to the town.

Mayor Peter Macfadyen said, “While my heart is in building Frome’s independence and ability to stand alone, it is clear to me that improved links to the outside world are a good thing.  This new service is not only about London, it will also allow all kinds of trips to local towns for work, training or shopping without long waits – as well as bringing more visitors to Frome”

The new service could also see an increase in house prices in the town as improved transport links is likely to make it more desirable. Estate agent Rory Sloan from Allen and Harris said, “It is a positive thing for the town if the new service goes ahead.

“Already we are seeing an increasing number of people from London and the South East move to Frome, so to have better links with that area will only make Frome a more attractive option.

“It could mean house prices increase in the town but that wouldn’t be known for sure until the service is up and running.”

Tim Shoveller, chief executive of the South West Trains-Network Rail Alliance said, “These are exciting and innovative proposals that would provide a greatly improved service for thousands of passengers and could also create brand new links to London for many communities.

“The new services are designed to provide new opportunities for work, leisure and business and would deliver a huge boost to the region’s economy.”