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Alternative Health Feature – Frome Times

ALTERNATIVE or complementary therapy and treatment was in the past considered with some ridicule by those who had not tried its treatments, but in the last decade this view has turned around.

Today, alternative therapies are often seen as part of mainstream healthcare, used to treat or help a wide range of ailments and conditions.

Alternative therapists even play a key part in the backroom staff of sports teams – they were used, for instance, in the GB team for the Olympics and top football clubs often have them as part of their rehabilitation teams.

With GPs’ waiting times for appointments getting longer, many people are turning to other treatments and therapies either to work alongside prescribed medication or simply or as an alternative to traditional treatments.

And many people also use therapies to simply maintain good health, flexibility or peace of mind to keep themselves fighting fit for the busy, stressful lives that many of us lead today, using practitioners trained to understand when the body is out of kilter and how to aid its recovery. Sometimes it is as simple as looking for something for just a good night’s sleep.

There are therapies for a wide range of ailments and conditions and for all ages, from babies to the most senior of our population, who may feel happier in unrushed, calm surroundings of a therapist’s treatment room.

With many different therapies around, and new ones coming aboard each year, it’s often difficult to decide which is best for you and what you want out of the therapy.

The best place to start is by giving them a call or visit their premises or website and find out what they offer, and what they can do for you.

Often it is finding a place that suits you, where you feel comfortable with the person who will be treating you and where you feel calm and reassured in their surroundings. What suits one person will not necessarily be best for another who has different needs, so don’t be afraid to look around and check out what is out there.

Frome is lucky in having a wide range of therapies and treatments available and to start off your search, here is a selection of local practitioners in your area.

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