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Black tie event for charity

LOCAL sisters are seeking support for a charity black tie event they are holding on Saturday 30th May. 

Stacey Millard and her sister Sam Millard are raising money for the charity SANDS (Still Birth and Neonatal Deaths).

Stacey explained the impetus behind the fundraising event saying, “This charity is very close to my heart as two years ago at just 22 weeks, I lost my precious baby girl Amelia.

“The charity helps and supports families and parents through a very difficult time of their lives.

“They offer counselling and helplines but most precious of all is memories. They give you a memory box which contains two teddies, a candle, a card and a blanket. They also provide helpful leaflets and networks that offer support.”

The charity also helps to fund research to try and reduce the number of baby deaths.

“Statistics show that in 2013 over 5700 babies died just before, during or shortly after birth. That is 100 babies a week.

“Therefore, we are asking if anyone would be so kind as to help support this great cause by donating a raffle prize. We and thousands of people who hold this charity close to our hearts would be so grateful.”

The event will take place at Leigh Park Community Centre in Westbury. For more information, call Stacy on 07713 179236 or e-mail on