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Palestinian Freedom Theatre to perform at Merlin Theatre

A THEATRE company with a difference will be visiting Frome next Saturday, bringing a political performance from Palestine and a Q&Awith the cast and English film director Ken Loach.

The controversial Freedom Theatre will be performing ‘The Siege’ at Frome’s Merlin Theatre on Saturday 30th May.

The play is inspired by the real stories of a group of fighters who, during the height of the second Intifada, took refuge in the Church of the Nativity.

Following a run of performances on the West Bank, the Palestinian dramatists are midway through their UK tour.

English director Zoe Lafferty has worked with the Freedom Theatre in Jenin for five years, and has helped bring The Siege to Britain.

Zoe said, “We’re really excited to bring this performance to Britain – it’s the first time this has been done. The Siege is an incredibly powerful story and people really engaged with it at the West Bank  and Bethlehem shows; we are hoping it will resonate with the British audience too.

“It’s important to bring this to England because the Palestine cause has a lot of support across the country from places like Frome, where there are Friends of Palestine groups.

“It’s been such a privilege to work with the Freedom Theatre – they are so inspiring and passionate, and have a real drive to use theatre to challenge their audience and bring about real change.”

The Freedom Theatre, based in Jenin Refugee Camp in Palestine, have faced fierce opposition over their views – members have had death threats, attacks on their building, been imprisoned an interrogated, and a director was murdered in 2011.

A workshop is being held with the Freedom Theatre and Frome Community College in the afternoon, and after the play there will be a Q&A with members of the theatre, which will involve English film director Ken Loach.

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