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Nearly New Sale at the Cheese and Grain

An NCT Nearly New Sale will take place at the Cheese and Grain on the 20th June, from 10am-12pm.

Whether you are looking to empty out your loft that is full of toys, baby clothes and kit that you no longer need, or expecting a baby and looking for your must-haves, an NCT Nearly New Sale could help.

A spokesperson for the event said, “Excellent quality items get a new lease of life at a bargain price for the buyer while the seller makes some cash and space – a win/win situation!

“At the last sale in March, the average seller profit was £70 – enough to fund the next round of kit for your kids, or something a little more indulgent. As if this wasn’t enough, you’ll simultaneously raise money for the UK’s biggest parenting charity, allowing them to continue to provide face-to-face support to parents through groups and local events, as well as funding national helplines, breastfeeding counselling, training antenatal and postnatal teachers and many more services.

“Well-established and trusted by over 200,000 parents who visit them every year, NCT Nearly New Sales represent the best sales of excellent quality used baby and children’s items.

Admission is just £1. Pregnant ladies and NCT members (carrying a membership card) can start browsing from 9.45am. There’s still time to register as a seller, too, just visit www.eventbrite. frome-nct-1886839061 and buy a seller ticket before 13th June.

“You don’t have to sell your items in person – NCT use a coding system and the sale is run by branch volunteers, so you can shop and drink coffee while your unwanted items make some extra cash! Items must be in excellent condition, and sellers keep 70% of the proceeds while the rest is used to fund NCT’s work.”

Emma Moxon, Nearly New Sale Coordinator for Frome NCT, says, “NCT Nearly New Sales are a simple idea, with so many benefits. Some parents sell items they no longer need, others hunt for bargains, and whether you’re buying, selling or both you can be sure you’re helping to support other parents locally by funding the charity’s vital work.

“The sales are open to everyone, not just NCT members, so we hope to see you there!”

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