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Selwood sings at Bath festival

SELWOODAcademy’s year five pupils took part in the opening ceremony of Bath International Music Festival last month, alongside five other local schools.

40 pupils from Frome worked alongside artist Edwina Bridgeman and composer Zoe Palmer to put on a walk through the city and take part in a concert at the abbey.

Headteacher, Jean Hopegood, a strong supporter of the Bath Festival said, “It was an amazing experience for our young children to work with such talented professionals as Edwina and Zoe.  I am so proud of the children and I know this event is one they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Starting with a parade through the streets of Bath complete with their huge ‘rabbits’, the children guided revellers to Bath Abbey, where proud parents watched the choir of 100 from the five schools.

The 45 minute performance of ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ especially written for the children to open the evening, received rapturous applause.

Accompanied by Marimba and percussion, the evocative music took its listeners through a plethora of mixed emotions, excitement, wonder, fear and joy.  The 150th anniversary of ‘Alice through the Looking Glass’ was truly celebrated in Style.