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Planned works to commence at Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church, Frome, is shortly to undergo some refurbishment.

Graham Owen, Vicar, Holy Trinity Church, Frome said, “It is anticipated that the works on the interior of the church will begin on 1st July 2015 and last for approximately seven months during which the church, church hall and car park will be closed, with Sunday morning services taking place at Oakfield Academy in Frome at the same times as usual.

“For the last seven years, the people of Holy Trinity Church in Frome have been working with well-known Somerset architects Benjamin and Beauchamp to refurbish the interior of the church.  The aim of the project is to create a light, airy, properly heated flexible space, and also a much better auditorium with new seating throughout.

“A new audio-visual system will improve speech and music quality, and there will be many other improvements to the church, including new meeting and administrative space, and much improved entrance from Trinity Street.

“The design has been through various stages of development and public consultation leading to a submission for formal approval in December 2014 which has now been granted in full by the Chancellor of the Diocese of Bath and Wells.”