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Dip your toes in at canoe club open day

Frome Canoe Club is offering short taster sessions on Saturday 4th July between 9.30am and 2.00pm. 

Pam Dixon on behalf of the club said, “Just turn up at the clubhouse in the centre of Frome and have a go in a kayak or canoe. We have a vast range of boats to choose from and we will provide all the specialist kit that you will need and coaching while you are on the water.

“Just wear something that won’t matter if it gets wet, and some old shoes. And bring £5 to cover the cost of the session. There are showers in the clubhouse if you want to shower after the session.

“A taster session like this is an ideal way of finding out whether the sport is for you. If you want to take it further the club offers white water canoeing, competition canoe slalom, canoe polo and recreational paddling.”

Find the Clubhouse in the main Market Yard car park (BA11 1BE), or phone Pam  07740 472982 for more information.