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Summer at the Cheese & Grain

HOPEFULLY the best of the weather is yet to come and the place to be this is summer is at the Cheese and Grain.

Over the next few months, one of Milk Street Brewery’s finest creations, ‘Elderfizz’ takes centre stage for the early opening times.

An elderflower-infused beer that has the crisp and refreshing taste of a Riesling, and known as the champagne of beers, ‘Fizz’ has been enjoyed for several years now at the brewery base of the Griffin Pub over on Milk Street, and now has a home at the Cheese and Grain.

The beer sells at £3.50 before weekend gigs at the venue, and in the Grain Bar from 5.30pm.  This offer continues for successive Fridays and Saturdays until the end of July.

As the weather warms up, the bar will be selling Pimm’s, sparkling wine and fruit cocktails which can be enjoyed on the outside sun-deck.  Make sure to go and try for yourself, especially over the Frome Festival where numerous attractions can be found ongoing at the venue through the day.

All through the summer the Cheese and Grain will be running ‘Summer Sundays on the Terrace’. Every Sunday afternoon from mid-July there will be live music and children’s activities along with the cafe and bar open. The cafe will be running a barbecue too so a lovely way to enjoy the sunshine on the terrace with the family.