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No place for bowls club at revamped leisure centre

MEMBERS of Frome Bowls Club have been told that the new plans for the leisure centre do not include facilities for the club. 

The committee was invited to a meeting with Fusion where it was announced that a large-scale gym would take the place of the bowls club’s indoor facility.

Assistant secretary, Gordon Lee said, “We are most upset that there will be no provision for the bowls club. It has been running since 1984 and we have five leagues. They informed us before that we would be able to carry on as normal, but now they tell us this.

“They say that the plans will provide facilities for the whole community but if we don’t have anywhere to play, then they clearly aren’t doing that. They are excluding us. What will we do in the winter? How will we get out of the house to socialise and keep fit? ”

A spokesperson for Fusion said, “As part of the £2million refurbishment of Frome Leisure Centre the current bowls hall will be converted into a state-of-the-art gym and two fitness studios.

“These changes will double the participation at the centre. Unfortunately this means the bowls club will cease to operate in its current form in October. However we will be providing short bowls mats in the sports hall as an alternative.

“The bowls club community is important to us and to rehome the activity we have offered to pay for one full year’s membership for all 20 of their members at alternative clubs, of which there are three within four miles.”

Gordon Lee acknowledges the offer but said, “We were offered to be moved to an alternative bowls club but most of our members walk or get the bus to the leisure centre, so what will they do?

“The whole situation has been entirely mishandled and we’ve been kept in the dark.”