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My life as a Frome Town Councillor by Tim O’Connor

Hello, my name’s Tim O’Connor and I’m one of the new intake of Independents for Frome Councillors from the recent election. 

I thought it might be useful to post some dispatches over the next four years from the UK’s foremost independent council.

So first things first, it’s important to focus on the important things. It looks like a visit to Raves from the Grave is in order as I seem to have worn out my CD copies of ‘Everyone’s a Winner’, “We are the Champions’ “The Winner Takes it All’ and ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’, I suppose it’s not every day that you complete a clean sweep in an election.

But now the cheering and whooping is fading post-election, it’s  down to business. First Council meeting completed; l found it a bit too formal for my liking but then what was I expecting? Kanye West at Glastonbury? The new Mayor is appointed and it was great to see Kate Bielby elected, who will be fantastic in the role.

As I’m representing the Market Ward, I appear to be receiving a higher amount of correspondence and case referrals from all sorts of areas, even one from the Highlands of Scotland offering Frome a whole design for a new town, I had to say thanks but we’ve already got one.

One thing that I have found so far is that all the staff at Frome Town Council are energised, focused and fired up, which is great news for us councillors and more so the town.

We are reviewing the whole area of the structure of meetings, and we’re been looking at making them more effective and inclusive.

Right, better dash, Raves from the Graves is still open. Catch up soon.