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Have your say on Frome Town Centre

Frome Town Council has set up several panels aimed at engaging with local expertise in the community on various issues. One of these, the new ‘Town Centre Panel’ was due to meet for its first session on Tuesday this week.

The Town Centre Panel will look at the issues facing the town centre, how they may be addressed and what the town’s ambitions are for the future.  The issues may be to do with its physical condition, the quality and range of shops and other facilities, car parking, access, markets and other events and how the town centre is promoted.

Economic Development & Regeneration Manager, Peter Wheelhouse said “Panels are a unique way of working and are special to Frome. They are intended to be a dynamic and open way of working with the community.

“We need to establish what our ambitions are for the town centre and agree on how we can work to achieve a town centre that works for retailers, residents, visitors, business owners and markets.”

“The Town Centre Panel meeting on 11 August and the subsequent meetings that will run until the end of 2015 are open to all to attend and contribute to.

“At the end, the Panel will make recommendations to the Town Council to help with the planning of the town centre and the delivery of improvements.

“So if you live or work in the town and have some views that you would like to express or maybe you are just keen to get involved in the future of the town centre why not have your say, and be part of the future of Frome!”

For more information, please contact Peter Wheelhouse, Economic Development & Regeneration Manager on or on 01373 475573.