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Local writers’ memoirs to feature on Frome FM

EXTRACTS from local people’s memoirs will be read on Frome FM over the next 10 months starting on September 6th. 

Rosie Jackson, who is a writer herself, runs memoir writing workshops that support and teach local people how to write their own memoirs. Rosie said, “The motive for some people to write their memoir is so they have something to leave behind for their children and grandchildren. But there are also reasons that go much deeper than just telling a story. They are telling their personal story and opening themselves up to discovering new emotions and feelings.

“Hearing their stories opens your eyes to experiences you haven’t had. Hearing someone else’s memories may jog your own memories that you had forgotten or put to the back of your mind.

“They are very interesting and vibrant memoirs that show a range of different backgrounds. They are really fabulous to listen to. Our eldest writer is in his late 80s and his memoir is filled with hugely interesting stories and memories, particularly about being a young boy in the war.

“It’s fascinating to hear different life experiences. Stories of tragedy which you may relate to and empathise with. Stories with comedy and heart that will make you smile. The mix of stories is brilliant.”

The programme is produced, presented and engineered by Frome FM presenter John Walton who will also interview the writers about their experience.

All the memoirs will be published through Rosie’s new printing press Yarn Press. Rosie said, “This is so exciting for us and the writers because their memoirs will be available for people to buy. It is also very exciting for other writers in Frome. If anyone would like to have their work published through Yarn Press, then please do get in touch.”

The first memoir to be read is by Maggie Pierce on September 6th at 3pm. If you miss any of the shows you can listen on the website