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Nursery raise money for local children in need

Children from the Pepperbox Nursery in Frome have been raising money for local children who need help. 

This was prompted by the news story about the Writhlington student, Lucia Robinson, who lived in Frome.

At the nursery the children talked about what was happening to Lucia’s family with the staff and came up with the idea of collecting loose change from their friends and families.

The children used materials from The Scrap Store as collection pots and then decorated these themselves and they were then passed on to Lucia’s family and another child in Frome who has neurofibromatosis.

Earlier this month the children took the completed collection pots to Writhlington School and were met by friends of Lucia and also the head teacher, Mark Everett.

While they were there, they saw the memorial table that had been set up at the school for Lucia to record their memories of her.

On the same day Dillon who has neurofibromatosis visited the nursery and was presented with the collections pots that were to help him.