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Meet the new Home Visit Team

Frome Medical Practice has appointed Jude Curtis and Lucy McGough to head their new home visits team. 

Jude is a former district nurse team leader who was based in Frome and is now a GP support nurse practitioner. Lucy has a background working as a community matron and is now a community practitioner. Both have worked in the Mendip area for a substantial time and are already known by many local patients.

“The appointment of both Jude and Lucy is extremely important,” says the senior partner at the Frome Medical Practice Dr Tina Merry. “Despite all the pressures that the NHS is under, we continue to try and do everything that we can to improve quality of service to all our patients. Our GPs do of course already visit patients on a daily basis, but having a dedicated home visit team now in place is very good news. Most importantly, our patients should start to notice a big difference.”

Although working closely with GPs, both Jude and Lucy work autonomously and have the training, experience and qualifications to both admit patients to hospital and to prescribe medicines. When they are able to, they also travel to see patients in one of the Co-Wheels Car Club’s electric vehicles based at the health centre.

Lucy McGough spends much of her time visiting patients with long-term and chronic conditions. Although her new job with Jude is very much in its early days, she thoroughly enjoys the responsibility and the diversity that comes with the new post.

“The best part of the job is being able to make a real difference to patients’ lives,” says Lucy. “We also provide valued continuity and re-assurance.”

Jude Curtis describes the new positions of Lucy and herself as being a bit like the old-fashioned district nurse, but with more responsibility.

“Sadly, many patients are physically unable to get to the health centre,” says Jude. “Patients in nursing homes or who are otherwise housebound need our help and support. This includes patients still in recovery or requiring a follow-up after discharge from hospital.

“One of the most rewarding parts of the job is perhaps the rapport and trust that comes with forming a relationship with a patient over the passage of time.”