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Cara Dillon to perform at Cheese & Grain

Cara Dillon

Cara Dillon

Being possessed of one of the world’s most beautiful voices, Irish folksinger Cara Dillon performs songs from her latest, critically acclaimed album ‘A Thousand Hearts’ (Sony, 2014) alongside a selection of favourites on her UKtour.

She will be stopping off in Frome at the Cheese on Saturday 10th October.

Her extraordinary ability to simultaneously seduce both traditional folk purists and a more mainstream audience has seen her rise to the very top of her genre where, in addition to her countless fans, she continues to be celebrated by some of the biggest names in music including the likes of Ed Sheeran, Alison Krauss, Sam Smith, Ellie Goulding, Timothy B Schmit (the Eagles), Robert Plant and Paul Brady.

Unsurprisingly, Cara is in constant demand and has performed all over the world. She is always surrounded by the finest players on the scene and can often be found collaborating with a host of others.

In addition to touring with her acclaimed band, Cara will be spending a portion of 2015 touring as a trio which will offer her legions of fans a far more exclusive and informal experience as she hopes to cast a spell over a range of venues.

Describing how performing in smaller places affects her, Cara says,  “Being in an intimate venue is where I feel most comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, It’s a thrill to perform on big stages but I absolutely love the moments when I can drift away from the audience and totally lose myself in a song…there’s nothing like it.”

Whatever the venue or occasion she never fails to leave audiences captivated by her angelic voice and enchanting personality and if you’ve never seen her sing live before then you really are missing out.

Cara Dillon first made waves in 2001 when her eponymous solo album released on Rough Trade went on to scoop two BBC Folk Awards among a hoard of other accolades. Two further successful albums, also on Rough Trade showered her with countless more awards and acclaim, but it was her forth album ‘Hill Of Thieves’ released on her own label, Charcoal Records, that eclipsed them all by winning BBC Folk Album Of The Year in 2010. ‘A Thousand Hearts’ looks set to do the same and has sat firmly at the top of the Celtic Chart since its release in May 2014.

“A collection of erudite and beautiful songs, sung with stunning delicacy.”  – Sunday Express

“Dillon is on superb form.”   – Daily Telegraph

“Cara is one of the most gifted and elegant vocal stylists in these islands.”  –

The Mirror

“Dillon’s lilting voice is as rich and melodic as ever.” – The Sun

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Tickets for the show at the Cheese and Grain on Saturday 10th October, 8.00pm,  are £19.50 each, tel. 01373 455420;