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Keep Frome Clean launches October Watch

The Keep Frome Clean Panel is urging the whole town to get involved this October in keeping tabs on Frome for the entire month.

Councillor Richard Ackroyd, chair of the panel explains, “It’s simple really – we want Frome to look and feel clean throughout the year; that way everyone can enjoy the town. Talking to people and looking around though collectively we’re not doing quite as well as we should be. Frankly, quite often the town is a bit of a mess.

“So we want to find out what the problems are, where they are, and whether they happen at certain times – is litter more of a problem on Sunday mornings, for example.

“To do this we want everyone in the town to send us reports throughout October – photos of litter and dogs’ mess; photos of unloved roads and car parks; photos of full bins, overhanging brambles and blocked drains.

“At the end of the month all the information will be pulled together summarising findings; charting litter on maps; noting blocked drains; highlighting areas that are short of bins – these sort of things. With everyone’s help we’ll have built up a really good picture of what’s working – and what isn’t.

“Then the Keep Frome Clean panel – and everyone is welcome at the monthly panel meetings  – can work out a way forward and a do list.”

Chris Stringer, Frome Town Council’s environment manager continues, “The more reports and the more information people can send in the better. So send us photos and descriptions of problems, including where the problems are.

“Regular reports on the same streets and areas would be fantastic – something dog walkers or folks on their walk to school might be able to help with. But every report will be useful – so reporting a full bin once in the month will add to the picture.”

The group adds, “Keep Frome Clean wants to celebrate our town too and wants to know what is working, where are the clean streets and areas that are well looked after and who are the Froomies who are out and about making a difference in their streets. So tell us if there’s a person in your area that really makes a difference to the place you live, or enjoy in the town.”

The Keep Frome Clean Panel will be holding an open meeting on Monday 28 September at 6.00pm in the Elliott building (behind the FromeTown Hall) to outline October Watch.

Alternatively visit the council’s website, follow them on Facebook and Twitter or just get in touch to find out more and to check the full list of what to report during October Watch.