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South West’s largest Camera & Photographic Fair

The Frome Wessex Camera Club will be holding a Camera & Photographic Fair on Sunday 25th October at the Cheese & Grain.

This is the South West’s largest camera & photographic fair with over 50 stands selling everything photographic, including digital cameras.

“The fair gives you the opportunity to purchase fine used cameras (collectable and modern) lenses, filters, flashguns, film, paper, books and old prints,” said David Chedgy from the Camera Club.

“If you have never been to the photographic camera fair you are missing a great opportunity as the prices are low and you’ll find cameras, lens and lots of bits and pieces, and accessories that you’ve been searching for,” says

“Makes include Bronica, Canon, Fuji, Sigma, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Leica, Mamiya, plus digital cameras and all the other photographic goodies on display to tempt you.

“Camera fairs are very friendly places and the stallholders will only be too pleased to give help and technical assistance on the photographic equipment and goods.”

For those who would like the opportunity to join the Frome Wessex group of photographers, please see the Frome Wessex Camera Club stand for details or visit www. frome wessexcamera

Early bird admission for the show is £5 at 8.30am; general admission is £3.00 from 9.30am to 2.00pm. Refreshments will be available and there is free car parking. All profits from the admission will go to the Frome Wessex Camera Club.

For information about the Photographic Fair or the Frome Wessex Camera Club please contact the FWCC Secretary via the website.