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Community invited to explore a new economy for Frome

With more and more people concerned about the impact that our current economic system has on both people and planet, Sustainable Frome is hosting a free workshop to look at what a new, fair and sustainable economy would look like. 

Organiser Roger Saunders said, “Whether we like it or not, changes in the global economy have a major impact on all of our lives. However, alongside the negative impacts there are also positive signs such as the sharing economy and the growth in co-operative ways of working. We want to explore these together and work out how we can support these changes in Frome.”

The workshop follows on from the Bristol New Economy Summit which explored issues such as ‘What is a steady state economy and how do we get there’ and ‘collaborative economies.’

The Frome workshop takes place on Thursday 5th November at 8pm at the Elliott Building, off Park Road behind the new town hall on Christchurch Street West. Attendees are invited to share food at 7pm if they would like to. For more information see: