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September talks at Frome Rotary Club

Dr Jill Odolphie, from Moonhill Quarry Leigh on Mendip entertained Frome Rotary Club on 21st September with an interesting talk on the work she does on behalf of all the local quarries at the Earth Science centre.

The centre is an excellent teaching facility and is visited free of charge by large numbers of schools each year.

In addition with other visiting groups the centre has an average of 5000 visitors. The centre explains the history of the quarries in a variety of ways with displays of photos and artifacts.

Dr Odolphie has a degree in Geology and is well qualified to explain to the children how over millions of years the special granite is formed. The  granite is required for such things as the motorways and rail links.

She explained that environmental protection was a key concern for all the quarries.  Huge quantities of filtered water created by digging below the water table are fed back into local rivers which are constantly monitored to ensure the rivers remain clean.

The Rotary club were entertained by the display of things that a chalk byproduct was used for such as toothpaste, cereal and an array of other foodstuffs and toiletries.

Barry Hawgood

Barry Hawgood from Andover Rotary Club visited Frome Rotary recently and spoke to members about his exciting trip in a car from London to Sydney in support of Prostate cancer.

Having spent thousands of pounds preparing a Hillman Hunter, he and a friend set off on a journey which took them through Europe, the Middle East and dangerous parts of Iran and Pakistan and on to Australia.

He entertained Rotary with many stories of the challenges of maintaining the car throughout a hazardous climate, some of the interesting people they met and the many adventures they encountered.

All in all they covered 24,000 kilometers, they drove through three continents – Europe, Asia and Ociania in this car. They raised  £36,000 for Prostate Cancer through their tremendous efforts.