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Food Assembly praised by BBC’s Countryfile team

Ellie Harrison from BBC's Countryfile

Ellie Harrison from BBC’s Countryfile

FROME’s food Assembly was shown to millions of viewers on BBC One’s Countryfile last Sunday, and the production team have praised the organisation for its work.

Behind-the-scenes during the filming, director Rupert Miles enjoyed filming Ivy House Dairy make their butter, before arriving at the pop-up farmer’s market in Frome’s Memorial Theatre where customers pick up their food.

Rupert said, “It was a fabulous experience for us to come and film at the Food Assembly in Frome. We were made incredibly welcome. There was a real buzz about the place, full of passionate and knowledgeable people with a real love of supporting food that is local, fresh and very tasty.

“It was great for us to capture that enthusiasm on our camera along with the tasty and colourful food on display. The Food Assembly deserves its success and is a welcome addition to accessing great local food.”

Frome Food Assembly organisers Pia McGee and Lindsay Downes are delighted their work in bringing fresh food to Frome is being recognised.

Lindsay said, “It’s great that BBC Countryfile has chosen Frome to tell its farm-to-fork story. To get that kind of recognition for Frome and our wonderful local food producers is fantastic.”

The Frome Food Assembly has over 800 members who have locally sourced food ordered from over 20 producers, to be picked up from the Memorial Theatre on a weekly basis. The Food Assembly organisation won the Best British Food Initiative at the BBC Food and Farming Awards this year.

All the Food Assemblies’ food travels an average of just 26 miles, and for every £1 spent, 80p stays in the local economy.

It minimises waste by pre-ordering, so the producer knows exactly how much to bring in advance.

One local customer told Countryfile presenter Ellie Harrison, “I love being part of Frome Food Assembly. I’ve been coming since it started, and the thing that has been a really pleasant surprise is the sense of a community and shared endeavour that has shown up. This is a social enterprise, I’m a part of it, and that feels great.”

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