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Couple celebrate diamond wedding anniversary


Rita and Bill Savage with Polly Anna

Rita and Bill Savage with Polly Anna

LOCAL couple Bill and Rita Savage celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary this month and believe they have the secret to success.

Bill and Rita met 60 years ago, and Bill explains what happened. “We literally bumped into each other at a dance one evening, which were quite popular back in those days and Rita caught my eye,” he said, “and the rest is history as they say.”

The key to their long marriage they say, is tolerance. Bill explained, “I think the secret to a long and happy marriage is tolerance, you must be tolerant of each other. You also have to learn to get over things, the small and the big.

“I remember one time, whilst I was away working, Rita needed some money for something so she sold my golf clubs. That didn’t go down too well at first, but I got over it! Sixty years is a long time especially in today’s society. Not so many people get married any more and if they do, quite often they end in divorce; it’s a shame.”

Bill and Rita have been part of the community for many years having moved to Frome in 1972. They are probably best known for running The Three Swans. Bill said, “It was a very successful local pub, in fact we won Innkeeper of the Year for the area and the south-west.

“Pubs had a tighter social network back then. They were the hub of the people’s evening entertainment. We really enjoyed our time at the pub.”

Close family ties have also been important to the couple. “We have three children, six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren and one on the way,” said Bill. “We are very fortunate to have them all close by and we can see them as often as we like.

“We’re not having a party, we’re going for a carvery at Frome Golf Club with all the family and a few friends. It should be a lovely day.”