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A great year for the Frome Community Lottery in 2015!

Frome Community Lottery works by giving local people a chance to win prizes of up to £25,000 for a weekly stake of £1. 

Half of all the funds collected are distributed annually to local groups and organisations towards the development of community facilities in Frome and the local area. This year grants of about £4500 were given out to local organisations.

However 2015 was also a great year for Frome players to win prizes! Many local people won smaller amounts of £5 – £25, but three people this year won the larger prize of £1,000 each.

The latest to win was well-known Frome resident, Peter Macfadyen. Peter was actually a founder Trustee of the Frome Lottery when it was first set up in 2000,  and joined the lottery as a player during his time as Mayor of Frome.

“The Frome Lottery is a great way to directly support the fantastic voluntary organisations we all benefit from in Frome,” he said. “Rather to my surprise, it also gives out prizes – which is nice!”

The Trustees of the Lottery are still waiting for a Frome player to win the top prize of £25,000. If you would like it to be you, please pick up a joining form for Frome Library or visit the Lottery’s website at