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Early Doors – Live Acoustic Music

The Wheatsheaves is pleased to announce its third Early Doors Club on Saturday 16th January, 7.30 – 10.30pm.

Lark Porter explains, “Early Doors Club showcases musical talent of a pretty chilled out nature, it might be acoustic, it might be electronic but it will be good and it will be LIVE! Seats are arranged around candle lit tables with lovely wine, beautiful cocktails or a luscious rhubarb fizzy pop.

“Entry is a mere £3 and includes free entry for our event later in the evening Shake What Ya Mama!”

This month the line up includes – Jared Clark: Pure Light Vibrations. Beautiful live piano with a soul & melodies to make your heart sing. Jared believes, “There is a power in music that is hard to describe. In it there is connection to our own unique spirit, to the hearts that sing, and even to the world of all consciousness.

“Many use it for a source of inspiration, for relaxation, or even for release. It is my belief that while music has been around since probably the beginning, the power and capability music has of influencing the soul is still unfolding.

“There have been many who come into the world to usher in new ideas and styles of expression changing music as we have previously known it. These individuals have a unique purpose for as music changes we as a people change.

“I am on the path of pioneering vibrational mediation through improvisational piano. Experience your soul vibrations! Breathe in the light, feel the music..”

Lark added, “This type of music is hardly known. Jared calls it ‘vibrational mediation’, or ‘instrumental improvisation’ and we look forward to sharing it with Frome.

“AND The Wochynskis! – Local Frome heroes bring their musical talents to Frome’s Venue…three blokes, two ukuleles and a Cajon. Playing great songs that they wish they’d written themselves….and maybe they did!”