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Frome Somerset to Frome Jamaica

Almost two years ago Las Latty joined the group of volunteers at FromeFM when he was living in Glastonbury and Evercreech. 

Las said, “I was immediately impressed with the commitment and passion that was evident, as I met the volunteers who so readily give up their time and effort to ensure that FromeFM operates as a viable entity.

“Community radio grows in leaps and bounds all over the world, however it shines even more in places like Frome where there is a high level of commitment to provide a service to the community.”

Las started his journey some 70 years ago in Kingston, Jamaica, when a group of youngsters (including Las) decided to form a jazz club and they called it ‘The Miles Davis Music Club’.

Their tastes in music trended towards the legends of jazz and contemporary music. Las said, “Once a week we would get together in someone’s garage, and listen to all the legends of jazz playing their favourite songs. Little did I know that was to be the start of a journey which lasted this long, both as a musician and a radio presenter.”

Now 70 plus years later, and the setting is Montego Bay, Jamaica. The location is the campus of the Montego Bay Community College, an institution which caters to students who want to gain Associate as well as Graduate degrees in various disciplines. The main campus is in Montego Bay and interestingly, the other in Frome, Westmoreland, 30 miles from Montego Bay.

Contact was made with the college and it quickly became apparent that there were a lot of synergies between the radio and the college, as to individual aspirations regarding community radio.

Las explains the radio’s development. He said, “The station’s operation will be initially internet broadcast only, with the next step to be low powered FM and eventually to broadcast island wide on FM, whilst always maintaining full time internet streaming.

“A 40-foot steel container will be home to two broadcast studios, an area for the station manager, editing, reception, and all the myriad of things that look quite innocuous on paper but so important to achieving a level of quality broadcasting.”

Las has a big thank you to FromeFM, and said, “I am fortunate to have been part of (if only for a brief moment) something very special: FromeFM. Long may it continue. It can only bring good things to the town of Frome. Stay warm this winter, from sunny Montego Bay!”