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Local people to run play area with town council

FROME Town Council has won its bid to take control of the play area on Packsaddle Way and a recreational space onChapmans Close.

Mendip District Council agreed in December to hand responsibility of the open spaces to the town council, which will now run them in conjunction with local community groups.

The council had been pursuing the takeover since last year, when district councillor Adam Boyden suggested the asset transfer.

Cllr Boyden said, “I am really pleased with this decision. It is great result for everyone living in the Packsaddle, Mendip Drive and Innox areas of town who will be able to get more involved with their town council in making their much-loved local parks better for everyone in the community in future.

“I look forward to working with the town council and Packsaddle Community Group to progress the improvements people want in future.”

Jane Bennett, chair of the Packsaddle Community Group (PCG) said, “This is fantastic news! These spaces are incredibly important to us so it’s great that we can help look after them in partnership with the town council.”

The details and legal proceedings are now being agreed. Ahead of this, the town council will be starting public consultations by speaking to local residents, the PCG and to all ward councillors to discuss ideas and opportunities for the future.

Town councillor Richard Ackroyd said, “We’re delighted with this decision. Spaces like these are vital parts of our everyday community; they’re where children can play safely close to home; and where families, friends and neighbours meet.

“Working with local residents to protect and improve these spaces is an essential part of creating active and resilient neighbourhoods. On behalf of all my fellow town councillors I’d like to thank the corporate asset management group’s members for recognising this.

“We’re expecting to work really closely with the district council’s ward councillors throughout this consultation. Adam Boyden and Mike Rideout have both been incredibly supportive of our request to take on these spaces, and we’re looking forward to working together in the future.”

A decision on whether to transfer the play area at Tower View was deferred until Mendip’s Corporate Asset Management Group’s (CAMG) February meeting, with a meeting in January to gauge public opinion on whether the transfer of the play area to the town council would be the correct long-term option for the neighbourhood.

Richard Ackroyd added, “We’ll keep people up to date with this, and we’ll continue to work with local residents and the Mount Community Association in an effort to secure Tower View.”