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Syrian refugees – rented housing appeal

Frome’s Syrian Refugee Support Group is glad to report that Mendip Council has agreed to re-settle several refugee families in the Frome area.  

This will be through the Vulnerable Person’s Scheme – part of the government’s response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria.  Local authorities throughout Britain have been asked to help, and funding made available as part of the countrywide programme to welcome a limited number of Syrian refugees to the UK.  A number of families have already arrived in Bath & Wiltshire.

The families coming to the Frome area will almost certainly have enormous physical and psychological scars from their harrowing experiences as displaced people, uprooted from their homes, separated from their wider family networks and traditional way of life.  They will require security and stability to help re build their lives.  Several officials from Somerset & Mendip will be on hand to assist the re-settlement process.

Frome’s Support Group now urgently seeks suitable private rented accommodation and appeals to Frome Times readers to help in this search.  The group is working in close cooperation with Mendip Council.  When suitable housing has been found the group will appeal for practical assistance to prepare the properties as welcoming homes for the traumatised and disoriented families.

The group recognises there is pressure on housing in Frome but believe there is scope within the private rented sector to respond to the refugees housing needs, so Frome’s traditionally generous community can play a small, constructive part in responding to this overwhelming humanitarian crisis.

Please contact John Careswell (john@careswell. net) or Dinah Bardgett (dinah.bardgett@ if you can help.

Speaking on behalf of the group John Careswell said, “The Syrian families who will come to Frome have lost everything.  Welcoming them offers hope and a chance to rebuild their lives.  They will also need time to recover from their ordeal.

“A few months ago the UK was numbed by the enormity of the problem.  Standing idly by was never an option.  All communication from the Frome public has been generous and encouraging.  Its always better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”