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‘House Concert’ at The Artisan

Hot from the USA, The Evie Ladin and Keith Terry DUO present a one-off ‘House Concert’ which is kindly being hosted by The Artisan Pub and Restaurant in Frome.

The ‘house-concert’, although not a very well-known concept here, is based on the American convention of inviting people to an intimate performance in either a large private home or smallish community venue.

It’s an opportunity to experience music in a warm, almost private, environment and a chance to meet the performers.

Whilst it has mostly been the preserve of folk, blues and country performers in the States, it is becoming a more well-known way for bands in Britain to perform where they want to, with a small audience, for their own pleasure.

The convention is that guests donate a suggested amount enabling the musicians to cover their costs.  Of course if you enjoy the show you can also add to the hat being passed around and later.

Evie Ladin and Keith Terry have a particular fondness for this area, having shared gigs in the past with locally-based bluegrass band Buffalo Gals.  Evie said, “We are so excited to be playing in Frome.  Keith and I have found it to be such an energetic town so we were right on board, straight away when Kate Lissauer, from the Buffalo Gals, and The Artisan Pub offered to host a house-concert to kick off our UK tour.”

Evie Ladin, famed as the driving force behind San Francisco’s all-girl band Stairwell Sisters, and winner of the Independent Music Awards Americana Album of the Year Fan Vote, will delight Frome with her energetic and electrifying clawhammer banjo, bass, percussive dance, storytelling songs and emotive vocals.

Evie, who started playing banjo at the age of eight, brings an urban edge and contemporary vision to both her own new compositions as well as older songs. Evie’s style was beautifully described by one reviewer as a “gorgeous storm”.

Touring as a DUO through the UK in January and February,  Keith Terry is renowned for his amazing percussion and rhythm skills as a ‘body musician’; as a pioneer in contemporary  ‘body music’, he specialises in multi-cultural, rhythm-based music and dance projects and is the founder of the  International Body Music Festival.

‘Body music’ to enlighten the uninitiated, is the musical art of using any surface for its rhythmic possibility. Keith claps his hands,  rubs his palms, finger-pops, stamps his feet, brushes his soles, slaps his behind and his belly and his thighs, pounds his chest, pops his cheek, skips and slides, sings and babbles and even coughs to build a kind of super-human music and rhythm accompaniment.

Evie Ladin and Keith Terry Duo will be performing at the Artisan on Sunday 31st January at 7.30pm.  Booking and tickets are not required, and the suggested donation is between £5 and £10.

For any other details please contact them via the contact page of  or Facebook