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Frustration as rubbish problems mount

LOCAL residents and businesses are fed up with the continued problem with piles of rubbish in Castle Street.

Nearby business owners and residents say the problem with rubbish in Castle Street is getting worse and is once again being ignored by Mendip District Council.

Robbie Lymer who runs Oakville Care Centre in Badcox, contacted the Frome Times back in November as he’d had enough of rubbish overflowing from the bins and taking over the pavements.

Robbie said, “The problem has gotten worse since I last spoke to the council. Several people have told me they’ve seen rats.

“People aren’t even putting the bins out on the street now because they are so full, they’re just leaving them in the alley way.

“I know a few people in the area are very frustrated.”

Mohammed Islam  manager at Village Spice said, “I have complained to the council numerous times, for over six months and still they haven’t done anything. It is seriously affecting my business because people think it’s my rubbish but it definitely is not. I pay for my rubbish to be taken away and my property is clean and tidy.

“The issue is the people living in the flats. They don’t put the rubbish in the bins, they leave it in plastic bags next to the bin. It encourages rats and it’s disgusting. I have seen rats and even killed one the other week. I did show someone from the council the dead rat but they don’t seem to care.

“I don’t know what we’re going to do because the council are not taking the issue seriously. But honestly, it is affecting my business.”