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Inspiring stories of Frome

A LOCAL woman is shining a spotlight on people in Frome who have interesting and inspiring stories to tell and highlights  the positive impact they   make in the community. 

“This town is an amazing place and I’m constantly amazed by the stories that people have to share,” explained photographer and writer Ciara Nolan who started ‘Humans of Frome’ late last year.

“I’m a real sucker for an inspiring tale that can influence my own thinking, a funny anecdote that can give your spirits a lift or a poignant tale that can pull on the heart strings and makes me see things a little differently.

“The project has built on my belief that everyone has a story to tell, no matter what it is. You could be an internationally recognised actor, a world famous recording artist, a shop keeper or a stay at home mum, but your story is as relevant as the next person’s.

“It fascinates me that a person might think that they are boring because they haven’t achieved international stardom or been a catalyst for world peace. I’m inspired every day by people who are just getting on with getting on, in whatever way they can, and I do love a person with a positive outlook who can tell a good tale.

“I like to choose a story that can give us all a bit of a boost, surprise us or inspire us in our own lives or just enlighten us in some way.

“The ultimate aim is to feature as many people as possible, from all walks of life, whether born and bred in the area or recent arrivals. All Humans of Frome or Frumans as many people are beginning to call them are helping to weave the rich tapestry of life in this town.

“Back in 2015 I encountered Stina  on the street. The sun was setting and there was a particularly lovely light on her face. I asked if I could take her photo which I did  and afterwards she told me a hilarious story about her wedding anniversary.  Something in my head clicked about putting my images and words together and then Humans of Frome was born.”

All photographs and stories that Ciara has put together are featured on Ciara’s Facebook page

Ciara continued, “If I had to choose two stories that have stood out for me it would be Ron Tree and Justine Corrie.

“The huge reaction to the piece about Ron is exactly what the Facebook page is all about.

“Ron busks at the bottom of Cheap Street regularly.   He’s a brilliant player and it’s fascinating to watch people rushing past him when he stands there playing like a demon to an imaginary audience.

“When I announced on the Humans of Frome  Facebook page that this amazingly humble busker is non other than the same Ron Tree of Hawkwind and now Hawklords fame, half the page followers were stunned and the other half were delighted that Ron was getting the recognition he so deserves.

“Since then I’m pleased to say Ron has sent a message saying how delighted he has been with the positive reaction to the piece and he has gone on to set up a Facebook page where he is continuing to enjoy the support of these people and has new fans joining every day.

“Justine Corrie decided that she needed to do something to help the refugee crisis in Calais.

“I loved the atmosphere at Frome Town Hall on the day that I photographed her and the team of Frome, Bruton and Glastonbury residents of all ages who had gathered together to load donations onto trucks bound for Calais.

“It’s so moving to think that one person sitting at home watching the crisis unfold was inspired to do something and to roll their sleeves up to this extent.  It is truly inspiring to see Justine’s continued efforts as she has been out to Calais many times since the post and how she has motivated others to get involved too.

“But I’m inspired by each individual featured as much as the next and can’t wait to share some other stories that I have lined up in the coming weeks and months.”

If you have an inspiring story or know of someone that you think should be featured on the site, get in touch through Facebook.