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New initiative to tackle pain launched in Frome

A new collaboration between a local acupuncturist and a counsellor is set to tackle the multiple aspects of pain relief at Element Health Clinic in Frome.

Steven Coles, an experienced Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist, is now offering his services at the clinic. He specialises in the treatment of trauma and emotional pain and has been helping patients in the mental health sector for over 17 years.

With both physical and emotional pain affecting huge numbers of people, many are unaware of the potential treatment options available. Martin John, owner of Element Health Clinic in Frome is aiming to change all that.

Martin said, “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a well-established technique for the treatment of depression, stress, anxiety, OCD, health anxiety, phobias, panic, PTSD, body pain and worry. It’s exciting to have Steven offering his services which are perfect for emotional issues as well as complementing my treatments in dealing with chronic pain problems.

“When it comes to treating physical pain, it is well established that acupuncture is one of the best treatments available. Some patients have had experience of acupuncture through their physiotherapist or GP who might have done a short course.

“Whilst this can sometimes provide relief, greater benefit is often obtained from seeing a traditionally trained acupuncturist that has had over four years training.

“Many patients are often surprised that needles aren’t usually inserted into painful areas at all, and that relief is usually instantaneous. Most people aren’t gaining the benefit from what true acupuncture can offer.”

As a fully qualified practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Martin also often utilises other treatments such as herbal medicine, gua sha and cupping to deal with ongoing health issues.

With Steven now available to offer professional psychotherapy services, pain – both physical and emotional – are well catered for in Frome.

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact Steven on 07971 816751 or visit or Martin on 07766 853357 or visit